Formation and Early Years

In 2007, Oscar Puig (vocals and guitar) crossed paths with Sergi Bouffard (guitar) and Ricard Bouffard (drums) during their high school days. United by a shared musical taste, the trio quickly decided to delve into learning guitar and drums, forming the foundation of what would become the band Godfarts. After an extensive search for a bassist, they found Victor Mañas (bass), the drummer of KTKalles at the time, who not only shared their musical passion but also their love for skateboarding. Victor’s arrival marked the definitive lineup.

By mid-2008, despite their youth, Godfarts recorded their first demo, “Restless,” which they also self-edited. This move not only carved a space for the band within Barcelona’s local scene but also paved the way for their initial performances.

In 2010, they recorded their debut studio album, “Messed Up Minds,” released under the labels “Eating Shit Records” (SP) and “Fragment Records” (SP). The album’s first single, “Downhill to Hell in a Row,” accompanied by a successful music video, initiated their journey into the Spanish punk-rock scene, leading to their first Spanish and European tours.

Into The Spiral (2013-2014)

In 2013, the band embarked on recording their second studio album, coinciding with a name change to “Blowfuse.” With Darian Rundall producing, the album, titled “Into The Spiral,” was recorded in Barcelona and mixed and mastered in Torrance, California. The album gained traction, with singles like “House Of Laughter” and “Ripping Out” accompanied by music videos.

Blowfuse toured extensively, sharing the stage with renowned bands and gaining popularity. The release of “Into The Spiral” in 2013 marked a turning point, with tours in Spain, Europe, and noteworthy appearances at festivals.

Couch (2014-2015)

In 2014, after a year of active shows, Blowfuse recorded their third studio album, “Couch,” originally envisioned as an EP but expanded to an LP with seven tracks. The album, recorded in Barcelona and mastered in California, led to a European tour spanning over 11 countries for nearly three months.

The tour’s final show in Barcelona was recorded and resulted in the film “Live From The Couch.” Blowfuse continued to make waves, opening the Gasteiz Calling festival and filming music videos for songs from the “Couch” album.

Daily Ritual (2019-…)

Blowfuse’s third studio album, “Daily Ritual,” produced by Arnold Lanni and released through various international labels, emerged on February 8th. The album, comprising 11 tracks, reflects a turbulent and intense journey, showcasing Blowfuse’s resilience.

Following the album’s completion, Blowfuse embarked on a tour in Japan, with plans for festivals in Portugal and Spain. The first single and music video, “Bad Thoughts,” have made a significant impact, setting the stage for further releases. “Daily Ritual” is set to be supported by an extensive tour across Spain and Europe.

With two studio albums and numerous shows and festivals across Europe, Blowfuse has solidified its position as a prominent force in the underground rock scene, building a dedicated fanbase worldwide.

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