The Corps

The Corps

The Corps is a melodic skatepunk band from Vancouver, Canada. Examining personal and societal issues through the lens of the DC comic book universe, the band has seen international success with their unique lyrical content. Told from the perspective of heroes and villains alike, each song contains a fantastical tale that encourages repeat listens and exploration into the featured themes.

Initially self-releasing two EPs, In Brightest Day (2015) and In Blackest Night (2016), The Corps released their first full-length album Tales From 2814 (2018) to great acclaim on Montreal’s Thousand Islands Records. The art for all three releases was crafted by famed comic artist Troy Nixey, an extreme point of pride for the band. The Corps emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic with an EP entitled From Oblivion (2022), helping solidify a partnership with Merit-Based Booking and a subsequent European tour in 2023.

The Corps have had the honour of playing alongside many of their biggest influences including Propagandhi, Mad Caddies, Belvedere, Satanic Surfers, D.O.A., Chixdiggit, Gob, and The Dreadnoughts, to name but a few. They have graced many festival stages, such as the Mad Ones Festival in Luxembourg, Pouzza Fest in Montreal, and headlined the SoGnar Festival in Calgary.

The Corps are very excited for the upcoming year, as their much anticipated sophomore album Fractured Protocol is slated for release May 3, 2024 on Thousand Islands Records. This release, followed immediately by an Eastern Canada tour with Darko and a Western Canada tour with Authority Zero, will solidify The Corps as a punk rock powerhouse as they charge into their second decade.


FFO: No Use For a Name, Lagwagon, Propagandhi, Belvedere, Satanic Surfers


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